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Distributed Ledger Specialists

Our Blockchain permits trust to be intrinsically embedded into a technological solution, enabling smooth partnerships and transactions dramatically reducing friction between stakeholders.  Our solutions focus on Health Information Exchange and other critical data within the legal, logistics and telecommunications industries.


Real world Deployment

Looking beyond conceptual... DLT Resolution utilises real world DLT Blockchain deployment through its operating divisions and joint venture participants thus  demonstrating proof of concept for commercial and widespread rollout.    

 Workflow Automation
Blockchain’s ‘enabled’ trust improves coordination between various partners, due to a shared view of transactions and liabilities. This in turn permits the elimination of third parties, resulting in cost savings.

 Data Privacy

Provable privacy protects your data from being visible to unauthorized parties​ in compliance with all of today's HIPPA requirements

Audit Trail
Facilitates a single view of data instead of the need for consolidation across various disparate systems. Resulting in reliable audit trails due to the history of all transactions being available in the ledger.

Revenue Assurance
Implementation of smart contracts allows for near-instantaneous charging, thus leading to improved revenue assurance and fraud reduction.

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