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Don’t underestimate your risk of loss

The value of a data breach and the associated costs of remediation can cripple a healthy business. Our Cyber Assurance Assessments will test your security posture and validate your cyber insurance coverage. 

Been hacked? We can Help.

Expert incident response is vital to help prevent data loss and minimize further damage!
Get immediate assistance from our team of Security Professionals

Read more about our Incident Response and Remediation Services

Incident Response
Our Incident Response and Remediation process identifies what happened, minimizes the impact, resolves the threat and gets you back in business.

Provable privacy protects your data from being visible to unauthorized parties​ in compliance with all of today's HIPPA requirements


Cyber Security Audit
Discover the Cyber Security risks to your business data and understand what it would take to mitigate those risks.

Get Compliance Certified
Put your clients and suppliers at ease. . Audit and certifications for PCI DSS, HIPPA, NEST, ISO27001 ISMS, 27002, SOC2, SOX compliance.


Cyber Security Services Included

End point security

Securing on and offsite computer hardware including laptops.

Virus protection including PCs and laptops used onsite and offsite.

Data Loss Protection (DLP)​

Prevents unauthorised sharing of documents. True document security.


Cloud based.

(Cloud Access Security Blocker)

Stops mobile, BYOD, and personal or business smart phones transmitting unknown or unauthorized traffic to the cloud.

(Security, Information, Event Monitoring) 

Real time Monitoring of onsite customer equipment, Windows and Unix platform and associated applications.


Real time Monitoring of network appliance including switches, routers and firewalls.


Monitor and Report or Monitor and Support packages.


Audit for PCI DSS, HIPPA, NEST, ISO27001 ISMS, 27002, SOC2, SOX compliance.


Remediation to become compliant.


Automated Firewall Management.


Last line of defence training. (Human Firewall)


Best practices and policies


Real world penetration testing follow-up.


Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” 

- Ginni Rommety

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