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Pharmacy Savings Program

RxCut® can save you up to 87% on your prescription medication today

Save on your prescriptions and other healthcare services with or without insurance!

The Program Highlights

  • No enrolment fees

  • Everyone qualifies

  • All cards are active

  • Unlimited uses

  • Never expires

  • Works for pet medications

  • No activation or enrollment

  • No personal information needed

  • Works for all FDA approved prescription medications

  • Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community

Get The Lowest Price

Let us help you save even more by finding the lowest priced pharmacy for you!

Check our exclusive pharmacy price search to find the lowest priced pharmacy for all of your medications

“ When I go to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions, I always present 2 cards. My health insurance card and a free discount card off the internet. I found pharmacies have different discounts for different insurance or discount cards. A person who does not use either one of these cards is overpaying for their prescriptions. I have been using my health insurance card to get discounts on prescriptions for my family. Recently, I have been experimenting with different services to try and find lower prices on prescription drugs. I was surprised when using a discount drug card printed off my computer at home for free was lower than using my health insurance card at the pharmacy. With my health insurance card I was paying $82.99 for 3 months of Kelnor 1/35, with the discount card it went down to $49.82. Another medication, Tretinoin 0.05% cream, I was paying $75.54, with the discount card $55.40. I saved $53.31 on these two medications by trying a discount prescription drug card instead of my health insurance card. The discount card might not always be lower in cost, but it is worth investigating. There is a healthcare crisis in this country. People want to use more healthcare products and services than they can afford. Our job as consumers is to find the lower cost ways of getting the products and services we value. I always present my health insurance and discount prescription drug card at the pharmacy for any medications I need. I ask the pharmacy to use which ever one costs less. ”

    -  H. G. NY

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