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Empowering Sellers to Optimize Value while Maximizing Returns for Shareholders

Amplifying Value

Welcome to DLT Resolution Inc., where strategic acquisitions meet innovation in the dynamic world of technology and beyond. As a US publicly traded acquisition company, we specialize in revitalizing and amplifying businesses.


Our mission is to navigate through suppressed profits and tightening credit markets, empowering small to mid-sized companies with seamless succession plans. By offering them the opportunity to transition their existing ownership for publicly traded shares, we ensure increased valuations and liquidity, driving growth and profitability for all stakeholders. Join us in reshaping the future of business. 


Making Good Companies Exceptional

Portfolio Companies
Information Technology Communications ICT
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International Finance

North America’s largest financier of motor vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, and specialty vehicles for export

Digital, Community Reach,

Using proprietary software, we provide knowledge of the diverse communities (multi-cultural) comprising retailers’ customer bases and store trade areas.

Global Trade

GlobalMotor Trade Group Intl  Specializing in wholesale distribution and sale of vehicles, vehicle parts, machinery, and equipment internationally


DLT Telecom offers a complete suite of intelligent voice & data solutions.   Providing leading edge Internet, network, and cloud based systems & traditional voice services. 

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