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Election Day
Vote YourChoice™ - Secure Online and Remote Voting

Vote YourChoice™ fulfils the need for an ever-growing demand of online and remote voting requirements for all types of public and private elections.

Increased Voter Participation

 Remote Voting now, more than ever, a fundamental change in the way people are able to cast their ballot and maintain physical distancing requirements. This remote ability is also estimated to increase voter participation by 18% to 35%. Vote YourChoice(™) software includes union elections and voting, condominium corporation voting, publicly traded company voting, municipal and provincial elections to name but a few applications globally.

100% Integrity

Secure, cost-effective and integrated with all organisations  requirements. Organisations stakeholders are assured that their votes are processed by a neutral third party and in a transparent manner due in part to our unique voter-verified audit trail. Organisations  can also count on our support team as a virtual part of its elections staff.

With 100's of Elections completed in 2020 already, you can count on DLT Resolution to handle your voting requirements..

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