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Data Services

Are you still walking to a filing cabinet? With DLT Data's  Enterprise Content Management Solution, all files, images and records of any kind are only a key stroke away. more...

Process Automation

DLT Data enables automation and processing by tying your service needs to your organization’s business and applications. Seamless. Paperless. Clutter-free.  more...

Content Management
Convert your paper into valuable data.    All types of files from customer rewards documents, EHR charts, surveys employee information, ballots or applications.... keyed, scanned and indexed into your database. 

Facilitates a single view of data instead of the need for consolidation across various disparate systems. Resulting in reliable audit trails due to the history of all transactions being available in the ledger.

Data Analytics
The pinnacle of sound research.  Mine valuable data to extract high growth areas being underserved.   Find &  leverage efficiencies to serve clients better.   

Data Collection
Collecting and analyzing customer data helps you identify growth areas for your business. We help you get the data that you need to take your business to the next level.    more... 

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