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DLT Internet Assurance ©
4G Wireless Failover Delivering onsite Redundancy
Retailers and other data critical businesses need not fear another ISP or WAN outages.  DLT Internet Assurance © (Automatic Failover) is always "Business as Usual" for its customers and clients.

When your business-critical applications rely on a connection to the Internet, even a short disruption in Internet service costs your company in lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity. No single Wide Area Network (WAN) connection can deliver 100% uptime, so the question isn’t whether your business will lose Internet connectivity, but rather how to protect your business from loss and disruption when it does happen.

The solution represents the amalgamation of hardware and wireless services in a single on-site solution. DLT Internet Assurance  Failover does not require upfront hardware investment or separate negotiations with LTE service providers. Options available to reach a broad spectrum of customers ranging from single retail locations to Enterprise level customers.

No hardware investment Required - Only $49.95 a month
Keep All Aspects of your Business communications Online
Desk Telephone

With the advent of IP telecom and Hosted PBX, internet outage translates to no telephone services.  Don't appear  out of business


Point of Sale check out and cashiers require connectivity.  Don't turn away debit and credit purchasers


Your employees require connectivity to customers, suppliers and other segments of your business. Can you afford downtime?

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"Popeye's is committed to delivering the best products at the lowest price with outstanding customer service.  Our payment system is online and reliability is of utmost importance. Traditional internet lines have been less than reliable.  DLT Resolution has provided us a solution to this... DLT Failover.  This seem-less LTE backup provides immediate connection . When our main internet breaks, the LTE automatically kicks in.  This DLT Failover has proven to be invaluable to our business.

Thank you DLT Resolution."

   Popeye's Supplements

CASE Study 


With over 25 years' experience and over 120 locations from coast to coast, Popeye's Supplements is Canada's leader in sports nutrition.

As a successful retailer, Popeye’s supplements  requires maximum uptime for their network services.  As with many retail locations Popeye’s utilizes broadband DSL connectivity to keep it’s POS and critical infrastructure operational. In order to maximize limited resources and keep each retail location operational Popeye’s chose DLT Resolution failover solution.  By being able to instantly detect a DSL outage and failover to LTE wireless Popeye’s is able to stay connected.  When the DSL connection is restored the system will automatically failback.

After an initial test trial in one location in Toronto Canada  our DLT Failover delivered. Not having to say once to clients "sorry no debit or credit at the moment.  Cash Only", DLT is now in 8 locations in Ontario and expecting to roll out further.  

Business Phone Services 

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Unlimited calling features

  • Hosted PBX - you existing phones 

  • Have extensions on your mobile phone

From as low as $19.95 month

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